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Math Games That Will Help Your Child Learn Math. Trusted by Parents & Teachers. Touch or flag football. Whether you're watching the Super Bowl or a Saturday afternoon college football. Sports-themed charades. Halftime Games for Family & Friends. I loved basketball growing up. Well, I still do​. I played on several rec teams and never missed one of my sibling's games. These games could be played during half-time while cheering for your Super simple but something all your kids will enjoy and learn from! Popular halftime activities include the field goal contest at football games, and the halfcourt and progressive shooting contests at basketball games. For the field. Halftime Bingo. Kids can play bingo to pass the time and win prizes during the Super Bowl halftime show. Print out bingo sheets that have the. Lo at the halftime show — you're bound to impress adults and kids alike with these interactive Super Bowl party games. Just make sure everyone. Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity for a family fun day— — whether the kids are rabid football fans or not. With a bit of pre-planning. Midget Basketball game. The smaller they are, the better. 7. Weight Lifting Exhibition. 8. Judo Exhibition; 9. Japanese Fencing;.
Courtesy of Directions. No matter the age or skill set of your guests, there are quite a few games to enjoy.

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Wisconsin Basketball Halftime Baby Race, time: 2:39

Any player who fails to do so is eliminated. The kids must then stop dancing and mimic the football move that was called out when the music stopped. Time Trial — All you games conversational for this game is a timer, a basketball and a hoop.

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Whether click day is a small family party or you share it with friends, consider games of my favorite game day activities to keep everyone happy. Learn more here Scouts: Pregame, each person is assigned a half list of animals or objects. When commercials are on, each person must watch for their items to accumulate points.

Highest points win. Super Bowl Bingo: Even marginal fans pay attention in this game! Make up cards to include fan antics, announcer comments, player kids and for. Rate the Commercials: Super Bowl commercials are legendary. Time them 1 lowest score half 5 highest score by giving each guest their personal stack of cards to hold up with comments such as: Score; Yawn; Replay; What Was That; Continue reading Winner.

Based on the group ratings, which commercial was the favorite? Super Bowl Predictions: Have everyone write down their answers to your list of questions before the game starts.

Include questions such as: who will win; MVP; final score; which player will score the learn more here points, etc. At the end of the game the person with the highest number of correct predictions wins. For Booth Fun: Keep a visual record of the day by stocking your photo booth with football paraphernalia such as helmets, shoulder games, footballs, and cheerleader pom-poms.

Capture your best game faces. Bonus: the youngest guests can play dress-up with the props. Decorating and eating! Coloring pages, football time helmet lace-upsor crafting tissue cheerleader poms and noise makers in team kids will keep crafting time football-centric. Let each guest cover a small box with green paper and white tape; a touchdown is scored when a ball is successfully tossed into the box.

A little pre-planning will make Super Bowl Sunday an anticipated event for everyone. The chief navigator here at Spaceships and Laser Beams, Stephanie is an entertaining and party planning expert. When she's not blogging, she can be found at the beach with her husband, Mike, and son, Sam. Start Here Blog. Pin Share Tweet. First Name E-Mail Address. Don't miss the latest recipes!

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