The Best Strategy Video Games of All Time Ever
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Crusader Kings II. Paradox's feudal incest-and-fratricide simulator has very little in common with StarCraft. StarCraft: Brood War. Total War: Attila. Europa Universalis IV. Sid Meier's Civilization V. Total War: Warhammer II. Mount & Blade: Warband. › the-best-strategy-games. The real-time tactical combat manages to be thrilling even when you're commanding the most sluggish of armadas. You need to manage a whole. Best strategy games There are plenty of great strategy games of all flavours to be found on PC, and we've selected 50 of the best below.
Humble Bundle. It takes the best from the series so far — the savage struggle, the ragtag group of heroes, the devious aliens, the tight tactical battles — and throws improvement after improvement on top. What are the best strategy games on PC?

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Where can I buy it: Origin. And with all the tabletop factions present, you can experiment with countless fleet configurations and play with all sorts of weird weapons. Read our full Darkest Dungeon review. Where can I buy it: SteamGOG What else should I be playing: Within the Total War series, and looking at here titles startegy, Three Kingdoms is your best bet, although it mixes things up with a little with more fantasy focused around heroic characters. The historical Total Wars have covered many eras and introduced plenty of contenders for a sll spot.

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The PC is home to just about every type of video game under the sun, but few are games all free download quintessentially PC as strategy games. So what counts as a strategy game? Note : Top published in Novemberthis list has been updated in September with new additions Hearts of Iron Stratey and honourable mentions Endless Space 2. What more can I say?

A titan tkme the field, it stands as not just the best Civilization game, but one of the best games ever released on the PC. Whatever your strategic cup of tea, be all war, diplomacy or exploration, Civilization V has you covered. While time strategy games will have you manage wars and economies, Crusader Kings II does more.

It also has you in bring trade gamestop the heart. When a game can marry the a,l strategic strategy of strategy otp medieval Kingdom with stuff like affairs, assassinations and, well, marriage, it deserves its place in the pantheon time greats.

For me, the RTS genre died in Replacing for mouse-clicking and boring build orders with a constant need for actual tactics, its slower pace and more realistic battlefield conditions mean all even ten years on this is still an absolute classic. The Total War series remains a pillar of PC strategy gaming, and while Empire is my personal favourite, I tend to recommend Shogun 2 first.

Bonus: its big expansion, Fall of games Samuraiis probably the best thing in the entire Total War series. The art. The music. The way it confronted a difficult control challenge—moving around a fleet of ships in empty 3D space—and absolutely nailed it. The recent remakes really only touched the sound and visuals, because everything else about Homeworld remains games perfect. Inspired by the classic Panzer General top, Panzer Corps is a relatively simple turn-based game that still manages to pack an amazing amount for depth and content away.

This may seem a surprising choice, but World in Conflict is a very good strategy game. How wrong I was. The scale of the maps, and the armies you could build, and the emphasis on fortifications Let Captains and Colonels handle the small-scale stuff.

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